This should probably be two posts but it’s all happening at once

We just got back from our first major family road trip and it was amazing. Bookended by visits with dear friends in Seattle and San Jose, we spent 10 days on the road exploring as much as we could in between. I’m still soaking in the varied visuals from cities and forests and mountains and ocean views. Surrounded by new color palettes and topographies on a daily basis was inspiring. I’m sure these will emerge in some way as I paint in the coming months. Along the way, we hung tiny colorful paintings with big hearts. Trying to spread the love, always. Which reminds me of the news and all the lives lost this week, this month, this year…so many innocent people being killed. The news has been devastating and depressing and frustrating and beyond sad. The world feels like a violent and hateful place and more than ever we need to spread love and compassion and empathy and light. Black lives matter. As a white woman I am trying to listen and support and love. I am putting these things into paintings and offering them to strangers. I am teaching my children. I am looking for ways to help.

In the Castro district of San Francisco

In the Castro district of San Francisco

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