Warming up some winter trees

After the rush of the holilday season, the winter seems long. Reaalllly loooonnnngggg. Now that all my neighbors have taken down their sparkling holiday lights, the world seems even more grey and sad and bleak. So, I’m working on some new small paintings for this project using bright, sunny colors. I can’t wait to see them pop out from the cloudy sky and shimmering snow when they are hanging on the bare tree branches. Here’s to a winter of compassionate thoughts and warm hearts, no matter the temperature or the absence of sunlight. Happy new year!

Jan 2015 New Found Paintings

Traveling Paintings

I’m so grateful for all the great friends who have offered to hang paintings when they travel! Here’s a photo from Portland, someplace I’ve never been but apparently a place I would love according to everyone I know. It’s on the list… Another friend recently hung paintings in Asheville and Savannah. So far, paintings have been hung in nine states: Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Connecticut, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Oregon. More locations coming soon!

TFPP in Portland


I spent this past weekend at the Edgewater Fall Art Fair, enjoying the most gorgeous fall weather, meeting new friends, and selling some paintings. Thanks to everyone who helped make it such a great success! It was a lovely weekend.

I took time on both Saturday and Sunday to walk around and hang a few paintings for The Found Painting Project. After packing up, I noticed that some were still there and some had already been found. Yay!


Art Fair Interview

In advance of the Edgewater Fall Art Fair next weekend, I got to talk with the organizers about why I love painting and The Found Painting Project. Check out the interview here! I’m really excited about the new work I’m bringing this year and can’t wait to share it with everyone.


When I was about five years old, I decided I wanted to design wallpaper when I grew up. Random, I know, but I recently found out that the printer I work with is capable of turning any of my paintings into wallpaper. What?! This is amazing! A chance to realize a childhood dream! Is there anyone out there that still uses wallpaper? I’m picturing one of my urban scene paintings blown up and repeated in the wall of a restaurant, maybe in the bar area in between exposed brick walls… Hey, it’s possible!

There is a sort of wallpaper happening on my artist portfolio site, too. I have been posting images of all the paintings I make for The Found Painting Project here, and the thumbnail squares remind me of a mosaic, quilt squares, or wallpaper. Scroll through, enjoy, and watch the wall of paintings grow over time. And please let me know if you want some wallpaper!

Fall Art Fairs

I’ve been busy working on some larger paintings for two art fairs coming up in just a couple of weeks. I’m looking forward to hanging some small paintings around these fairs in addition to setting up my tent. Please mark your calendars!

Edgewater Fall Art Fair – September 27-28 (11am-6pm both days)

Ravenswood Art Walk – October 4 (11am-7pm) and October 5 (11am-6pm)

North Center and Tiny Inspirations

An amazing byproduct of this project is that the small paintings I’m making to hang up for others are inspiring some larger work that I’m going to bring to future art fairs. Today I found myself near my old studio space in North Center, and decided to hang one of the small paintings that has already inspired larger work. I hope someone loves that painting as much as I do, but I guess that goes for everything, right? It’s a gorgeous day to be outside and I hope you are out enjoying some sun, too!

Surprise Visit in Madison

Last weekend we visited some family in Madison and I hung a painting near the park where my children were playing. I posted a photo on Facebook and immediately received this text from a friend who lives in Florida: Are you really in Madison? I’m getting on a plane to fly there now. A few hours later I was hugging a dear friend from college who I hadn’t seen for almost a year, all thanks to this photo! The next day we did some shopping and reminiscing and found ourselves by the tree at the park near the little free library. The painting was already gone. And now there are some paintings on their way to be hung in Jacksonville, Florida…


A Morning in Logan Square

Sometimes one of my children will get sick and as soon as they’re better my other child will get sick and as soon as they’re better I will get sick and it will seem as though we will never leave the house or be social again and on top of that I will never make any more paintings. It feels like a run-on sentence of sick. But then suddenly life resumes and everyone is energetic and we are having adventures with friends and I’m painting again. Whew.

Now that everyone’s better, we ventured out for a morning in Logan Square — hanging paintings, admiring murals (the one by Hebru Brantley was an especially exciting discovery), and drinking hot chocolates and a Hail Mary at New Wave Coffee. We stopped by the store Play to check out all the games and puzzles and teeny little doll house kittens. I have a feeling we’ll be back for more adventures soon.


Encouragement and the Magic In-Between Moments

A friend sent me this link today – You Don’t Need More Talent or Time by Glennon Doyle Melton.

I love it for several reasons.

1) Its goal is to inspire someone who is doubting to just write, create, use your hands. Encouragement is nice!

2) “The magic is in the moment after we encounter good art.” I’m interested in the idea of magic in moments. That’s part of what this project is all about – creating moments of discovery, inspiration, joy. Marking a moment in time, interrupting the normal routine. Her thoughts about using honesty to create those in-between moments resonated with me.

3) She uses the phrase “…this dirty, golden state of humanness.” What a great description for life.