On Wisconsin

We just returned from a camping trip in Wisconsin where I had the opportunity to hang my first painting in another state. It was nice to be semi-unplugged for a couple of days and even though we are covered in mosquito bites and barely slept, there was also some great campfire time, a lot of bike riding, and a luxurious day of relaxing on the beach of a small lake – a calm, clear, cool lake with soft, warm sand. I hung a painting near this lake and then went off to find my phone to take a photo. Diverted by children needing sunscreen and snacks and an audience for their under water flips, it wasn’t until we were leaving that I headed over with my phone to capture the sunset-inspired painting hanging on a tree by the lake. By that time someone had already found it and taken it down. I wish I could share a photo, but it did make me so happy to know that someone was taking it home.

1 Comment on On Wisconsin

  1. John Baker
    July 9, 2014 at 3:09 pm

    This is AWESOME. Love it =)


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