Awesome news

I am super thrilled to announce that I received a grant for The Found Painting Project from the Awesome Foundation in Madison! Time for a celebration! And a lot of painting! (so basically the best celebration ever).

With this funding, I am making 60 paintings just for the city of Madison and will hang them all on a single day in August. I’m hard at work painting Madison-inspired pieces, then cutting them up and sewing them together to make the final paintings. Since Madison is so darn beautiful and I have so much love for it and used to call it my home, this has been a dream project to work on and to actually have some funding to do it, well…I’m grateful.

Thank you to the trustees of the Awesome Foundation in Madison! Be sure to check out their website and if you have an awesome idea for Madison, check out their application process, too. And if you live elsewhere, there may be a chapter in your town….or you could start one…

Here’s wishing everyone an awesome day.

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