A practice in letting go and staying curious

This project is an ongoing practice in letting go. I work on these little paintings, giving them so much care and attention, and then I hang them up in random places and walk away.

I have intentions for the work and ideas about what might happen, but all I’m really left with is curiosity. I’ll never know where all the work ends up, if people like it or don’t care for it, or think I’m pretentious for even thinking that people will like my artwork enough to take it home. People may engage with the project online, or not. The paintings may end up framed, treasured, or tossed. I will never know.

I actually love this practice of letting go and staying curious. Whenever I feel anxious about something (like going to boot camp for the first time, or my five year-olds going to full day kindergarten – just two hypothetical examples…), I always benefit from gently reminding myself to step back and simply be curious about what is going to happen next. Something always happens next.

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