January 2015 archive

Los Angeles

Thanks to my friend Sarah for taking paintings with her on vacation (again) and hanging some in Los Angeles this week!  I wish I were standing next to this painting in Runyon Canyon, but at least I can imagine what it feels like to be hiking in the warm sun instead of bundled up as I run from my studio space heater to hot yoga and back again. (I swear I really do love Chicago!) This may be my favorite photo from the project so far.Thank you, Sarah!

TFPP in LA Runyon Canyon

Warming up some winter trees

After the rush of the holilday season, the winter seems long. Reaalllly loooonnnngggg. Now that all my neighbors have taken down their sparkling holiday lights, the world seems even more grey and sad and bleak. So, I’m working on some new small paintings for this project using bright, sunny colors. I can’t wait to see them pop out from the cloudy sky and shimmering snow when they are hanging on the bare tree branches. Here’s to a winter of compassionate thoughts and warm hearts, no matter the temperature or the absence of sunlight. Happy new year!

Jan 2015 New Found Paintings