August 2014 archive

North Center and Tiny Inspirations

An amazing byproduct of this project is that the small paintings I’m making to hang up for others are inspiring some larger work that I’m going to bring to future art fairs. Today I found myself near my old studio space in North Center, and decided to hang one of the small paintings that has already inspired larger work. I hope someone loves that painting as much as I do, but I guess that goes for everything, right? It’s a gorgeous day to be outside and I hope you are out enjoying some sun, too!

Surprise Visit in Madison

Last weekend we visited some family in Madison and I hung a painting near the park where my children were playing. I posted a photo on Facebook and immediately received this text from a friend who lives in Florida: Are you really in Madison? I’m getting on a plane to fly there now. A few hours later I was hugging a dear friend from college who I hadn’t seen for almost a year, all thanks to this photo! The next day we did some shopping and reminiscing and found ourselves by the tree at the park near the little free library. The painting was already gone. And now there are some paintings on their way to be hung in Jacksonville, Florida…


A Morning in Logan Square

Sometimes one of my children will get sick and as soon as they’re better my other child will get sick and as soon as they’re better I will get sick and it will seem as though we will never leave the house or be social again and on top of that I will never make any more paintings. It feels like a run-on sentence of sick. But then suddenly life resumes and everyone is energetic and we are having adventures with friends and I’m painting again. Whew.

Now that everyone’s better, we ventured out for a morning in Logan Square — hanging paintings, admiring murals (the one by Hebru Brantley was an especially exciting discovery), and drinking hot chocolates and a Hail Mary at New Wave Coffee. We stopped by the store Play to check out all the games and puzzles and teeny little doll house kittens. I have a feeling we’ll be back for more adventures soon.