June 2014 archive


Hammer? Check. Nails? Check. Paintings? Check. But shoes? Well, one of my four year-old assistants somehow made it into the car without shoes today and I didn’t notice until we got to Andersonville. Luckily, it turns out that shoes are not necessary for hanging paintings! Between hammer duties and an ice cream break, it was a fun afternoon walking around our beloved old neighborhood.

I hope those paintings get found soon because there is a severe thunderstorm happening out there tonight. If not, it will be a great opportunity to find out if the plastic bags provide enough protection from the elements. Fingers crossed!

Starting The Found Painting Project

Maybe I’m over-caffeinated, maybe it’s all that vitamin D that I’m finally soaking in, or maybe I just love making paintings, but whatever it is, I am soooo excited to start The Found Painting Project. Soon I will hang the first paintings and hope they find a good life for themselves, brightening up someone’s day.

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