Bright and beautiful

So I haven’t been using this site to blog, but I AM still hanging paintings on trees and would love to hear about your experience if you find one! Feel free to share on the “I Found One” page and check out other’s posts as well. The world continues to need more love and I plan to continue offering mine through kind words, hugs, and paintings. Everyone has something to give. Here’s to finding something bright and beautiful in your world today.

Paintings in Hawaii

Visiting a good friend in Honolulu seemed like a great opportunity to share the found painting love. I had so much fun hanging paintings on my adventures around the island of Oahu. Here are a few…

Hawaii2 Hawaii3 Hawaii5 Hawaii6

Women’s March Chicago

We were happy to add to the positive energy at the Women’s March in Chicago last weekend by hanging a few paintings.

IMG_4935 (600x800) IMG_4936 (800x600) IMG_4932 (800x600) IMG_4929 (600x800)

This should probably be two posts but it’s all happening at once

We just got back from our first major family road trip and it was amazing. Bookended by visits with dear friends in Seattle and San Jose, we spent 10 days on the road exploring as much as we could in between. I’m still soaking in the varied visuals from cities and forests and mountains and ocean views. Surrounded by new color palettes and topographies on a daily basis was inspiring. I’m sure these will emerge in some way as I paint in the coming months. Along the way, we hung tiny colorful paintings with big hearts. Trying to spread the love, always. Which reminds me of the news and all the lives lost this week, this month, this year…so many innocent people being killed. The news has been devastating and depressing and frustrating and beyond sad. The world feels like a violent and hateful place and more than ever we need to spread love and compassion and empathy and light. Black lives matter. As a white woman I am trying to listen and support and love. I am putting these things into paintings and offering them to strangers. I am teaching my children. I am looking for ways to help.

In the Castro district of San Francisco

In the Castro district of San Francisco

Routines and Road Trips

When I started hanging paintings on trees for unsuspecting strangers two years ago(!), I planned on always having a painting or two, some nails, and a hammer, in my purse. This worked great for a while, until I realized that my routines only bring me to so many places. I don’t want to keep hanging paintings on all the same streets. And while I have been able to reach many Chicago neighborhoods, I have a long way to go before I get to all of them (which I will some day!).

Now I may not always have a hammer in my purse, but whenever we leave town, I leave with a pile of paintings. We did a Midwest road trip this past spring and I was able to hang paintings in new parts of Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota. This summer, we are going to the Pacific Northwest and I plan to leave a trail of paintings – 10 paintings for 10 days. I can’t wait. I have no idea what I will pack in my suitcase, but the paintings are ready to go.

36 Paintings

Here are some photos from Saturday, when I hung 36 paintings in one Chicago park. It’s the first time I put multiple paintings in a single place and it was a different experience to step back and see the project as more of an installation.







Painting #200

It’s been forever since I’ve posted as I’ve been working on other projects the past few months, but I have no plans to stop giving away paintings! Crossing the 200 paintings mark feels like a huge milestone and I’m happy to say I’ve made 230 paintings to date. This winter, I’m focusing on sewing together bright flower shapes to hang in the grey-brown landscape of a Chicago winter. To celebrate my January birthday, I’m going to hang 36 of these paintings – one for each year – to celebrate my gratitude for life and to do something fun and bright on a cold day. Hopefully, this display will brighten up someone else’s day, too.

Here’s the 200th painting!

image image


And here are the 36 paintings to be hung soon…


On the road

We are on our way to hang 60 paintings in Madison!

I have many memories of August 15 in Madison, moving from one apartment to the next and leaving/finding things on the side of the road. I wonder what treasures we will find along the way today. And I wonder who will find all the paintings we hang. I’ve never hung this many paintings in one day or in one place before. So excited.

All the Madison Paintings

When I line up all the paintings that will be going to Madison, Wisconsin, I love that it looks like a patchwork quilt. The paintings aren’t actually sewn together here, but there is thread stitched into each painting to add texture, detail, and a feeling of warmth. I’ll be hanging all of them across the city of Madison this weekend with a little help from friends and family. As always, I hope these paintings offer the finders a sense of surprise and joy.

Thank you to the Awesome Foundation-Madison for the grant that makes this Madison project possible!

62 paintings to be hung in Madison, WI.

62 paintings to be hung in Madison, WI.

Awesome news

I am super thrilled to announce that I received a grant for The Found Painting Project from the Awesome Foundation in Madison! Time for a celebration! And a lot of painting! (so basically the best celebration ever).

With this funding, I am making 60 paintings just for the city of Madison and will hang them all on a single day in August. I’m hard at work painting Madison-inspired pieces, then cutting them up and sewing them together to make the final paintings. Since Madison is so darn beautiful and I have so much love for it and used to call it my home, this has been a dream project to work on and to actually have some funding to do it, well…I’m grateful.

Thank you to the trustees of the Awesome Foundation in Madison! Be sure to check out their website and if you have an awesome idea for Madison, check out their application process, too. And if you live elsewhere, there may be a chapter in your town….or you could start one…

Here’s wishing everyone an awesome day.